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I’m a strategy-driven product designer who loves solving complex problems from start to finish. At my core, I’m a facilitator—I bring together the right people, perspectives, and insights to design and build optimal solutions for my users, business, and tech stack.

I thrive in environments where I can drive design vision and influence product direction with collaborative partners, while not taking ourselves too seriously.

Outside of my projects, you’ll find me improving team & product inefficiencies, building team culture, driving improvements to accessibility, and mentoring.


As a former marine biologist and STEM teacher, education and the environment remain passions of mine—if we work together, get ready for biology facts and my “teacher voice.” Curiosity, a growth mindset, and play are ways my former lives continue to show up.

Outside of work, you can find me scuba diving, finding joy through laughter, and gushing about how neat nature is. I'm an avid reader that bounces back and forth between coming of age novels and academic reading—recent favorites are Digital Minimalism and What Comes After.

I also love cooking with my partner, rowing, live music, and adventuring with our dog, Ziggy, lovingly nicknamed Piggy.



Aug 2022 – present

Staff Product Designer

Leading product design for Duolingo ABC, a new product that teaches children ages 2 – 7 how to read in their native language.


Mar 2021 – June 2022

Staff Product Designer

Lead designer on the member experience for current Tally users. I focus on credit card management and improving 3rd party data experiences.

I led the Growth pod (PM+Design) for 9 months. I created and executed a team strategy and roadmap, managed our projects and experiments across iOS, Android, and Web, while also designing end to end solutions.

Senior Product Designer

Led an onboarding redesign to update experience to the new brand. I designed and released a series of experiments that streamlined the UX, reduced technical debt, and improved conversion by 10%.


Mar 2018 – Feb 2021

Senior Product Designer

Led design for new and existing products such as onboarding checklists, scaling Gusto for larger customers, performance management, and software provisioning. I drove strategy through research and visioning. I also drove improvements to accessibility and inclusion at Gusto, built new components for our design system, and scaled the design team educational series I founded (Eat&Educate).

I was the founding designer for Gusto’s NYC office in 2019. I helped open and grow the office over 7 months. In addition to designing, I built norms for cross-functional collaboration and a hybrid working environment.

Product Designer

Researched and designed improvements to products like time off, offer letters, and permissions for managers. I led visioning for the future of hiring & onboarding.

I scaled and co-ran Green Gusties, initiated an A11Y internal working group, and started a design team educational series (Eat&Educate).

Product Design Intern

Gusto's first ever product design intern. I led research and design on a customer service chatbot, planned and executed an accessibility event, founded the SF chapter of Green Gusties, and wrote about my experience to share with other new designers.


Jun 2017 – Mar 2018

Designer in Residence

As the top designer in my program, I was hired as an assistant creative director, project manager, and mentor. I assisted with grading, designer management, and curriculum design. I ran sprints, created workshops, facilitated peer critiques, and led daily standups.

Product Designer

I determined business and user goals through research, ideation, and testing. I designed wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and style guides for Chicago clients including:

Clickx, an all-in-one marketing web platform.

Project Decibel, a mobile healthcare app for music professionals.

Ugly Juice

Dec 2016 – Aug 2017

UX/UI Designer @ Ugly Juice

I designed and consulted on UX/UI and graphic design projects. I created and evolved content for sales and marketing as well as for our website, brand, apparel, and packaging.

Bay Area Schools

Aug 2014 – Jun 2017

Science & Math Teacher

I taught first, second, fifth and seventh grade over three years at The Hamlin School and Menlo School. I redesigned curriculum from scratch using the Understanding by Design framework, coached cross country, and led green initiatives.

Brown University

Jun 2012 – Jun 2014

Laboratory Manager

I co-wrote and published four peer-reviewed articles, including a first-author publication. I led all lab meetings, research design, data analysis, experimental monitoring, student mentoring, and lab management as the senior research technician.