Hi! I’m Caitlin.

Staff Product Designer at Duolingo. From problem definition and product strategy to interaction design and prototyping, I love solving complex problems from start to finish.

A shark fin
A mobile and computer picture showing an onboarding checklist for a new employee.

Modernizing how business owners onboard employees

Gusto • 2020
A smart and guided checklist that helps small business owners get new employees and contractors onboarded and up to speed.
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One screen showing a sign in experience with a happy woman looking at her screen. Second is an education screen shown in the beginning of onboarding to help users understand what Tally is.

Redesigning onboarding from the top down

Tally • 2021
A revamped onboarding experience for all Tally users that aligned with Tally's new brand, reduced tech debt, and improved conversion.
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Two screens showing the beginning and end of a credit card management flow.

Streamlining credit card account management

Tally • 2022
A unified and easy way for users add and manage their accounts on Tally that paved the way for the future and improved account linking health.
A picture of a web platform showing a list of new employees joining the company as well as the ability to add a new team member or send an offer letter.

Reimagining the future of how businesses hire and onboard teams

Gusto • 2019
A research and vision project that created the roadmap for Gusto's expansion into small business hiring and onboarding.