Hi, I’m Caitlin.

I’m a product designer who loves diving beneath the surface of others’ worlds to take apart and build purposeful products.

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Improving hiring with an onboarding checklist Gusto

Many small business owners still use physical hiring checklists, which creates work with each hire and places the burden on them to make sure everything’s done. I designed an onboarding checklist to automate their existing tasks, allow them to track progress and delegate to others, and suggest ideas to help create a great place to work. To learn more, contact me.

Reimagining the future of hiring and onboarding Gusto

It takes small business owners an average of 10–12 hours across multiple systems to bring on a new hire. We envisioned a future that would give customers that time back to run their business. Our research, exploration, and design concept kicked off multiple workstreams that would completely redefine employee onboarding on Gusto. To learn more, contact me.

Providing more control with manager permissions Gusto

As companies grow, so does their need to delegate responsibilities to others. We explored the future state of manger and admin roles and designed an initial set of permissions to allow managers to view and edit information their direct reports and extended team, improving the PMF for this feature. To learn more, contact me.

A guided chatbot for customer support Gusto

Gusto support provided a guided path for customer help, allowing users to get help through the most effective channel, escalate quickly when needed, and answer their questions on their own time. I collaborated with cross-functional teams and Bold360 to design this chatbot. To learn more, contact me.

Merging design, science, and education Exxpedition

In April 2020, I'm sailing 1000 nautical miles on an all-female sailing voyage and scientific research mission through the South Pacific Garbage Patch. Connected by a passion to protect our shared ocean, our crew will first hand experience the challenges we face from single-use plastics, while contributing to cutting-edge scientific research and solutions based thinking.
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Hearing health and wellness app Project Decibel

Project Decibel focuses on hearing health provision, prevention, and education for high risk individuals in the music industry. Through testing, I improved the user experience of their decibel meter by incorporating new safety limits, accessibility-friendly blocked color-coding, and a carousel.
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All-in-one marketing
platform Clickx

Clickx provides data analysis and education to small businesses looking to improve their organic marketing efforts. I improved the user experience of their dashboard by creating a goal completion data visualization tool to contextualize user’s individual progress.
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