Hi, I’m Caitlin.

I’m a product designer who loves diving beneath the surface of others’ worlds to take apart and build purposeful products.

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Hearing health and wellness app Project Decibel

Project Decibel focuses on hearing health provision, prevention, and education for high risk individuals in the music industry. Through testing, I improved the user experience of their decibel meter by incorporating new safety limits, accessibility-friendly blocked color-coding, and a carousel.
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All-in-one marketing
platform Clickx

Clickx provides data analysis and education to small businesses looking to improve their organic marketing efforts. I improved the user experience of their dashboard by creating a goal completion data visualization tool to contextualize user’s individual progress.
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Experience-driven travel
app LocalGuide

LocalGuide provides a way for travelers to discover, track, and share authentic places and experiences while visiting new cities.
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Health and fitness app
for beginners Habfit

Habfit creates a welcoming and encouraging experience for health-seekers looking to improve their lifestyles.
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Chicago public transit
commuter app Motsi

Motsi creates an easy and efficient way for commuters to get real-time updates and notifications on their routes.
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